An overview of the process

We aim to keep things simple and straightforward at DebtFreeNet.

You send us your details and those of the debtor, and a copy of the outstanding invoice/s,
latest statement or outline of the amount of debt and a brief explanation of the situation.

We will acknowledge your request, usually the same day, and if necessary we will ask
you for further information.

We will then work on your behalf, to recover your debts. If this involves litigation work,
we will let you know, but this is our action of last resort and in our experience the vast
majority of debts are settled before Court.

You will receive regular updates on the progress of the debt recovery.

We will chase one debt or all of your debts on an on-going basis.

We will chase debts of any age (subject to the statute of limitation), although in our
experience the quicker debts are submitted, the higher the chances of success.

We will take on contested debts at our standard commission fee.

In the event the debtor disappears, we track them down.

Once we recover your money, we bill you.

Simple! No stress for you!

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